reinventing the wheel - for friends.

Moving to Hugo!

I was pretty annoyed of wordpress. Updates for files/themes/plugins i never used, but where shipped in the default install and have a big bug/vuln/whatever. Or use the distribution shipped version, but then you have to stay with an old (but probably stable and maintained) version. At work i got some information about static site generators, how nice they can be (fast, reliable, easy to move, less resources required, . Read more →

Spam filtering

Because of some problems with some mail accounts (registering for sites where they should not) i was forced to install a spam filter. I did not want to scan mails but i see no other way to get rid of that. As this was a quick-to-install evening yesterday, i could imagine that this can cause some problems. Read more →

New SSL Certificates for everyone!!11

I replaced my old StartCom SSL certificate with another one (from Comodo now as i dont like the practice StartCom has). Anyway, i am facing some trouble getting the certificate working correctly on mail. I dont know if any other service is affected too. So if you get a warning complaining about an invalid certificate on mail, please check the fingerprint, it should be: Read more →

Happy new year…

Welcome to trustserv Trustserv is a private mailing service, which means, anybody can request a mail address for free, but it is up to me if i allow it or not. I will try my best to keep this service up and running. For further information please refer to the “technical section” (will follow soon), the FAQ or contact me directly at ed. Read more →